Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dining room



Master Bedroom (with the built-in TV armoire)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Update #2

So right about the day after I posted my last entry, we looked at a few other houses and just weren't really FEELING any of them. Then our realtor, God bless that woman for being so patient with us, told us about a little townhome by the hospital that they had just gotten and hadn't been listed yet. We decided we may as well see it, but Corey had to go to work so I just went over and looked at it by myself.

The unit was apparently used as the model unit, so it has all the nice fancy upgrades (beautiful carpet, granite counter-tops, a built-in recessed TV armoire in the master bedroom, expensive tile) and has also never been lived in. That fact qualifies it as a "new establishment" according to the State of Utah, so we will get an additional $4000 tax credit on top of the federal $8000 first-time home buyer program.. a whopping $12,000 back for us! Amazing..

We just went and looked at it again this morning so Corey could see it, we both felt really good about it, both picture us living there and maybe even having a kid or two there, so we went straight back to the realtor's office and made our offer! Someone told us that when we found "the one", we'd both know it, and they were absolutely right! More updates and hopefully pictures soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

House update

I suppose most everyone already knows this now, but we didn't get the loan for the house we wanted. The reason: it's in a commercial zone and we were trying to get a residential loan for it. We ended up canceling the contract and are looking for other homes.

After seeing the big picture, I think it's more of a blessing that it didn't happen. It would have required a hefty amount of work, and being such an old house, who knows what problems we may have encountered. I'm just grateful that we were open to suggestion from the Lord, and recognize now that it was not the right thing for us.

The trouble now is that Corey and I have each picked our favorites, haha. Hopefully we'll be able to talk it out and come to a compromise (aka MY way ;) haha.. kidding). Also, I appreciate everyone's support in this. It's a stressful thing! Phew!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


With all the hustle, bustle, and excitement of this whole home-buying thing, I realized the other day that I have been forgetting to give credit for this opportunity where credit is way past due.

As I was standing on top of some random mountain somewhere between Cedar and Brian Head, looking out and seeing familiar places in almost every direction and marveling in the awesome beauty of it all, I started thinking about how much of a hand God has in everything, including our current situation. Everything that has happened so far has been completely in our favor, like everything is going perfectly. It almost makes me worried that something is going to go horribly wrong soon, but for the meantime, I need to recognize how lucky and blessed we are.
 The OTHER side of Cedar Breaks

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our future home!

So, seemingly somewhat randomly, one day we decided to go to a few different lenders in town to see if they would approve us for a mortgage loan after our bank turned us down (boooo!). We got pre-approval at one, started looking at a few houses, picked out a foreclosure that had been on the market a long time, and before we knew it, we made a few offers, the bank accepted, and we are now in the process of buying a house! CRAZY! These are a few pictures from the realtor's website. More will definitely come after everything is all said and done (which will be no later than September 21st!!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gardening 101

This year, we're doing a combined garden with Heather, Chris, Terral and Mary in Chris's parent's backyard. They have a lot of space, but it hasn't been touched in YEARS, so we started cleaning it up and getting ready to till on Monday.
As with anything when we're all together, it turned into fun rather than work. Caterpillar-killing contests, dirt-clod/shovel baseball, who could destroy the most grass, and so on. We even put the dogs to work! Jade helped us dig up rocks (although she'd chase them and bring them back when we threw them) and somewhat helped us pack the weeds down in the trash can.

We are going to eat well this fall!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I think I welcome change more than people usually do. I get bored when I'm doing the same routine every day. I like to move around, see new places, even just rearrange the furniture for some kind of change. Spring is the best time for change I think (spring cleaning, new decorations, new blossoms, etc) so here I have the good, the bad, and the change I wish would happen.

Change #1: A new job

I owe my dad for this. Here's how I got this job.. He hurt his back and went to Dr. Romney to get an adjustment. While he was there, he told him that I'm a massage therapist, and Dr. Romney told him that he would offer me a job (this all happened about 3 months ago.) I went in to talk to him just to make sure my dad didn't mix anything up in his head, and it was all true!
So the end of the ski season is nearing and I went to talk to him again on Thursday, he asked me to start Friday, so WHAM! New job... The first day went absolutely excellent and I do believe I'm really going to like it there. Not as many hours as I would have hoped, but it's a start.

Change #2: Different manager at the current job

I'm going to take some liberty to vent here. I understand that having to learn to manage a spa in a matter of a week and a half is overwhelming. I understand that your mind is in 30 different places at once and you forget things. I really do. But what I don't understand is the fact that you can't tell us when you have a problem with something we're doing. How do you expect us to change it? I don't understand why you can't tell us why we're getting written up. Are you really that gutless? I also don't get how you think it's ok to change the rules with no warning to us. Is that fair at all? No. I have a hunch you may be doing this because you don't think we take you seriously and don't respect you as an "authority figure." There's a reason for that! I really do want to give you a chance, but you need to give me a little motivation, NOT an un-deserved write-up!

Change #3: A PUPPY!!

This change has not happened yet, nor is there a definite time for it to happen. I just really really want it to. It's been almost two years now that we've been without a dog (I still get REALLY emotional about Lucy. I know I'm a dork) and have been wanting one so bad lately. We need to find an apartment where we can have one AND that we can afford though. I think that's going to be the hardest part. I'm really reluctant to leave the one we're in because the rent is so cheap and our landlords are awesome. I suppose we will just have to see what happens and what opportunities come our way!.